Strong strategic positioning messages tell people where you are and how to find you in an ever-changing marketplace. The messages should convey your vision, core value proposition, and the values, beliefs, and assumptions that make your company and your products or services unique.


We conduct interviews with senior executives, key clients, and strategic partners.

We discuss your target market, setting priorities, and brainstorming about the best ways of implementing your communications plan.

Subtle message points begin to emerge and marketing tactics reveal themselves during the strategic positioning process.

We put your company in the conversation, by identifying reporters, bloggers, and media outlets covering your marketplace.

The third part of the process involves a deep competitive analysis to see how your competitors are positioning themselves and to track which messages are dominating.

We produce fresh new messages tailored to your target markets. We gather authentic testimonials that support your case, and we produce a comprehensive, 12-month communications and marketing plan that will guide your ongoing public relations, marketing, and communications efforts. 


SWOT Analysis

Competitive Research

Media Audit

Message Development


Customer and Stakeholder Surveys

Focus Groups



Public relations (PR) can sway opinions, build legitimacy, energize sales, guide your social media strategy, and stimulate word-of-mouth communications about your company.

PR at 2Bridge starts with a deep strategic analysis to understand and clarify your position in the marketplace. We then communicate your position using stories, customer successes, statistics, and authentic language to reach your target market.

We connect you to the source, listen, and give you feedback, which helps to refine the message going forward. We also provide training to help you improve your delivery.


Media Relations
Press Releases
Press Lists
Press Kits
Targeted Pitches
Case Studies
Thought Leadership
Contributed Articles
Press Conferences and Event Management
Press Tours
Trade Shows
Speaking Opportunities
Analyst Relations
Message & Media Training 



2Bridge was founded (long before the advent of social media) to help companies harness word-of-mouth communications -- the most effective way to find new customers.

Today you have access to a massive toolbox of social media tactics you can use to supercharge word-of-mouth marketing by generating online conversations about your brand.

Social media marketing campaigns require a lot of fresh content to be successful. We use our strategic positioning process to capture fresh messages and authentic stories to produce a more meaningful narrative about your company. Our content specialists take the time to pinpoint the deeply held core values that power your business. We tap into these core values to create original content that people want to discuss and share.

Press releases, blog posts, interviews, white papers, videos, testimonials, customer success stories – all of these tools are at our disposal to attract visitors and keep them on your website.

Your narrative is enhanced with relevant curated content that adds depth and engages communities of evangelists to extol the virtues of your brand.

It’s the complete package—strategy, core values, real language, original stories, carefully curated content, and a community of co-contributing evangelists—all the pieces working together that results in brand awareness.


Message development
Content generation
Community development
Conversation monitoring
Social media measurement
Thought leadership
Influencer outreach
Channel coordination and management
Customer engagement and feedback
Word-of-mouth marketing



Never before have there been so many detailed indicators—opens, forwards, opt-outs, retweets, mentions, likes, hits, and other analytics—to tell companies whether or not their marketing efforts are working and their messages are getting through. The challenge is separating the signal from the noise.

With so many options to consider, it can be difficult to choose the right set of communications and marketing tools and tactics for your company’s needs.

At 2Bridge, we work with our clients to develop 12-month communication and marketing plans that make the constant drumbeat of marketing easier to manage. We help clients choose the marketing recipe - Strategic Positioning Message - that makes sense for their unique situation, and we collaborate to establish benchmarks and to set monthly goals that make it possible to measure progress and to adjust the marketing recipe on an ongoing basis.  We hold monthly check-in meetings to evaluate and fine-tune the strategy, based on whether or not the marketing activity is resulting in sales and bottom-line results.

Our marketing dashboard helps clients to see patterns, chart progress, and make decisions based on the bottom line impact of their efforts.

The end result is a manageable communications system that drives value and becomes something clients want to invest in and perfect over time. 


Marketing Strategy
Editorial Calendar
Communications & Marketing Dashboard
Benchmark & Goal Setting
Monthly Reporting



For the individual, communications skills training builds confidence, identifies and reinforces strengths, and teaches good habits while eliminating habits that interfere with authentic audience connection. For the company, improving communications skills can reinforce brand identity, strengthen reputation, increase word of mouth, and generate new business opportunities.

We offer a range of group and individual training services so you and your employees are better equipped to communicate with confidence in any situation. 



Presentations skills training helps you gain confidence speaking before an audience and familiarizes you with the messages, stories, and statistics you can use to make an authentic connection. We use interactive exercises that begin transforming your habits right away.


Social Media training helps you master the skills you need to excel on any or all of the major social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, blog, LinkedIn, e-newsletter, etc.).


Public Relations training helps you understand the strategic importance of PR and teaches you how to identify and pursue new opportunities. We can also provide one-on-one training and mentoring to the members of your marketing department to help them master PR so that we come across as a seamless, unified team when working with reporters.


Media training gives you the confidence you need to speak to reporters on the phone or on camera. You’ll learn technical tips that will help you stay on message and gain the reporter’s trust while illustrating your leadership and authority.

Tailored trainings are also available depending on your company’s unique situation.