Our Clients trust us to deliver a comprehensive communications solution that achieves better long-term results. We are a San Francisco consulting firm specializing in strategic positioning, public relations, social media, and communications training for growing businesses. 


We begin every client engagement with a deep strategic analysis that includes stakeholder interviews, market research, and an evaluation of the competition. The findings are translated into a strategic message platform, which becomes the foundation of a tailored, long-term, communications and marketing plan. Our communications plans include monthly goals and measurable indicators that connect marketing activities to bottom-line results.


As a company, you will have access to a wide selection of communications tools and tactics. We help clients choose the tactics that are best suited to reaching influential decision makers, and generating word-of-mouth communications. We specialize in public relations and social media, which are instrumental to helping our B2B clients communicate their value proposition, and we rely on trusted partnerships to deliver a full-service solution that meets our clients’ needs. We help clients choose goals and analytics to measure their growth and progress. Our convenient marketing dashboard helps clients keep track of their efforts and informs decision-making on a continuous basis.


We are passionate about helping our clients improve their communications skills and their mastery of public relations and social media marketing techniques. We offer social media, public relations, message, and media training services to help our clients communicate with confidence. We provide ongoing systems training to help clients learn how to constantly finesse and improve their overall approach. Combined, our training solutions help clients build a learning communications system that becomes part of the culture of the organization. Communications becomes a systemic, value-driving force in the business – something to invest in and perfect.

Our integrated portfolio of services are focused on helping your whole business to communicate better, with more authenticity, and with a deep and narrow focus on reaching your target market and producing measurable, lasting business results.





Ken Stram is the founder of 2Bridge Communications. He teaches people and organizations how to communicate better. 


Ken has more than 20 years of experience working with business owners and entrepreneurs as the Associate Administrator for Field Operations at the U.S. Small Business Administration; as a member of the technology practice at Burson-Marsteller, a leading global public relations and communications firm; and as the founder of the world’s first LGBT Economic Development Program in San Francisco.


Over the years, he has become an expert at helping organizations achieve their goals and objectives through a combination of message development, public relations, marketing, social media, public policy, and business development activities.

Ken’s experience spans multiple arenas, enabling him to communicate seamlessly with diverse audiences and stakeholders. He has acted as spokesman for federal government agencies, multi-cultural collaborations, employee organizations, non-profit institutions, and Fortune 500 companies. He has built groundbreaking new programs that have served diverse populations locally, regionally, and nationally. His community involvement resulted in having a day, “Ken Stram LGBT Economic Empowerment Day,” named after him in San Francisco. 


Ken earned his BA and JD degrees at the University of Pittsburgh.